About Us

At SurgeAlliances we are an team of experienced Internet Marketers in fields such as affiliate marketing by utilizing Social media and SEO. This is a journey for us in which we want to help people who need help to spread their brand, business or whatever the cause is. Our goal is to provide value to the community and forge alliances which will stick with us for decades because they learn about our value in their business. Our passion lies in helping other businesses grow.

We strongly believe in providing value first. Which is why you will see we have quite a few blog posts which teach you few things about Digital Marketing without expecting anything in return so you can apply those methods on your own. However we strongly recommend to you to hire us so we can do what we are good at and you can focus on the areas which are important for you.
Being an start up in this competitive environment can be extremely difficult. Which is why we at SurgeAlliances have special packages dedicated for start ups in which we serve start ups and help them through their entire marketing process and even provide some consulting completely free. Our motto is “Only when you grow, We grow.” Which is why we strive to get your digital footprint as large as possible.

Here’s the fact- 90% of all start-ups fail. Why? They don’t take off sometimes even after having an excellent product. Its become a common scene to see a startup crash and burn after just the first 2 years. The depressing stories that accompany with it often touch our hearts when we did an research on the reasons that caused this we often find out there was a very bad marketing strategy and some who chose big marketing agencies charged way too much for these small startups making it one of the top reasons to hit bankruptcy too early. (To be continued in a blog post)