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Digital Marketing Trends Working In 2016

The year 2016 has been very interesting for the digital marketing community, Without a doubt the technology is growing and it tends to keep growing. This means there are new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to get their brand out there. However it can be quite difficult to keep in pace with the speed of the growth in this area.

Which is why we’ve created a list of Digital Marketing Trends in 2016.

  1. Mobile Marketing. Everyone has a mobile phone these days. There are more mobile users than desktop users now which means websites have to be mobile friendly if that’s not the case you will be loosing a huge chunk of your audience.
  2. Content Marketing. There are heaps of marketing efforts done by countless new businesses and startups and the reason why they fail is because they use the same old methods and are tired of being manipulated through online advertising. Which is why providing content which has value and recommendations has become an highly effective way of a good Content Marketing strategy.  This means the content has to have a certain amount of value.
  3. Multi Channel. There are now a lot of options to get your products/services in front of people and hundreds of methods how you could execute these options in. It can get very attractive to take leverage of all these methods but it is important to focus on the few which will bring you the most results. Every business needs different methods of marketing and the factors that work with it should be in alignment with the most recent Digital Marketing Trends.
  4. Leveraging Social Media. Social Media is without a doubt one of the largest ways to promote your brand. However you have to be creative in these efforts because if you do something that is seen as spam or manipulative you will have a hard time getting your content go viral. Here’s a post we made recently about Social Media Marketing strategically give it a read if you are just getting started with Social Media Marketing.

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