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If you are an Music Producer it can be difficult to promote your music. Here is the good news. The internet has created many different ways for you and your music to get out there in front of people quite easily if you are creative enough. There are many Music producers and even actors who got recognition because they were famous on social media and people liked listening to their music. Here are a few examples: Skrillex, Soulja Boy, Psy, Adele, Justin Beiber and even Adele all of them where not famous but they got to the place where they are today because of the Internet. If you use internet creatively enough you too can make it. It just a matter of having the right talent and good marketing strategy.

promote your music like skrillex

promote your music the same way psy did

3 Tricks to grow your Social Media Impact

  1. Collaborate with other music producers this will help both the producers a lot if you don’t know anyone who you can collaborate with try finding other music producers who are in the same genre as you. Once you’ve finished working on something post it and watch how both the collaborators gain new followers. If you keep repeating this with a lot of musicians you will not only learn but also gain more fans and promote your music. It is a win-win situation.
  2. Keep updating content. Have some small trailers of the projects you are working on anything but always make sure you don’t stop posting. The moment you stop updating your Social Media is the moment when you will have to start building interest from the start.
  3. Respond to your fans. If you are not as famous as Martin garrix you will have to build a good reputation so your fans can help you reach that destination. If your fans are happy they will make your life a lot better.

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